Open wineries for Christmas 2018

Like every year, the warm and welcoming Christmas event of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Wine Tourism Movement returns. Infact, you will have the whole month of December to wander through some of the most beautiful wineries of our region to discover the best story to tell the day Christmas ... now we know, wines are always the most appreciated gift to do to their loved ones, but accompanied by his story, told directly by the winemaker, the gift comes to life and excite those who will listen to you.

But that is not all! For the most passionate, Cantine Aperte for Christmas allows you to participate in special events in the cellar and you can therefore also come across delicious food-wine pairings of good food and the search for the perfect wedding of taste. In some cases it is even possible to stumble across gorges and cavalas between vineyards, vertical, typical products and much more ...